The Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the hearts of the people across the country. In the face of a serious epidemic prevention and control situation, it affects everyone’s hearts. All party and government personnel, social figures, volunteers, and medical staff work day and night to fight the pneumonia epidemic. Countless heroes resolutely stage the most beautiful retrograde.The old saying goes: “Heaven is the life of the people, not for the monarch, and the heaven establishes the monarch for the people”, the people are the foundation of all ages. All police officers of the Lishui City Public Security Bureau sank to the front line of epidemic prevention. In the case of a shortage of epidemic prevention materials, they resolutely stood by the front line.On February 7, 2020, Zhejiang Rongfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. responded positively, took responsibility, and proactively provided assistance within its capacity for Lishui City to carry out epidemic prevention and control work. It has a high sense of social responsibility and earnestly fulfills its social responsibilities. We work together to fight the epidemic. Donated masks, face masks, and disinfectant to the Lishui Public Security Bureau, with a total value of 50,000 yuan in scarce supplies.

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Do our duty and fulfill our wishes, let us look forward to the blossoming of flowers after the storm!

Post time: Nov-11-2020