On July 9th, the company orgnized all the emplyees to attend team building, aiming to shorten the distance between the collegues and activate the company atmosphere.

Firstly, the boss led all to participate script kill game. During the game, everyone communicates more than daily work which promotes camaraderie among colleagues. At the end of the game, everyone took a photo together as a souvenir.


After the game, the boss led the employees to have a dinner. The boss shared his working experience which benefits employees a lot. All employees shared their experience and knowledge with each other and then made their goals this year.


Finnally, the boss led the employees to sing songs in KTV to relieve work pressure. Everyone had a great time and felt very relaxed.

This event is meaningful. In this day’s activities, the employees not only eliminated the sense of distance between each other, but also gained a lot of work experience, and they will go further and further in the future work!

Post time: Jul-23-2022